Edgewood STARS

At Edgewood, we realize our employees are our most valuable asset. Our team is passionate and works hard to provide the best quality services to Edgewood children and families. Our staff are at the heart of everything we do and we are excited to introduce you to them!

Behavioral Health Director

July joined the Edgewood team in 2018. She currently serves as Behavioral Health Director and is responsible for the oversight of our FSP (Full Service Partnership), SAYFE (Short-Term Adjunctive Youth and Family Engagement), TPCY (Turning Point, Child & Youth) , TBS (Theraputic Behavior Services) and ASIS (After School Intensiver Services) programs in the San Mateo region. July is also a dedicated member of Edgewood's TIS Champion Team.

In their own words:

"Each morning, the first thing that motivates me is remembering the essence of what we do is to serve the community; for me, it's always about the families. Every challenge, every goal, every decision is first informed by remembering this core principle. The second things is the opportunity to work with a group of people that have dedicated their lives to serving others. Many of my colleagues could have chosen any number of fields to work in, they could have taken the road less traveled, but they did and every day I remember that and am proud to be part of such a group."

Youth Activities Coordinator

Luis began his career at Edgewood in 2017 and is currently the Youth Activities Coordinator for our Kinship and Family Resource Center programs in San Francisco and the East Bay. In his role, Luis cultivates fun, educational and therapeutic activities for youth and teens, operates our weekly Food Bank, and provides respite opportunities for our Kinship Caregivers when they need a break.

In their own words:

"I'm passionate about helping youth reach their full potential by being a positive role model and mentor. I enjoy talking with families at our weekly food bank and hosting monthly heritage events that reflect the cultures of our youth and families."